Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glass Of Juice

So after watching a couple heats of the long board contest I took the wife and baby girl to the local beachfront eatery. It’s been a while since I have lived at the coast, and some of the feelings I had growing up on the Oregon coast had faded. We were a lower middle class family living in Gleneden Beach. My dad was a fisherman and my mom a nurse. We struggled to get by. With four kids and a tiny little house, my parents were working hard to keep our heads above water.
We hunted and fished for most of our food. We lived just on the other side of the fence from Salishan. The huge houses, and fancy cars. I worked at the gas station at Salishan all through high school so I got to see a lot of the local people come and go. It always seemed so crazy how much money people would spend on stupid things. All the little coast shops with fake seashells and saltwater taffy; shops we never went into.
So after a good four days of making breakfast for the family and eating cereal for breakfast I thought it would be nice to go out for a bite. I ordered a ham and cheese omelet. Well it was diced lunchmeat and cheese $9.95. So I was a little drawn back when I saw the bill. I paid five bucks for a glass of orange juice. “Are you shitting me?” I said to the wife. My mind has been going nuts since. Have I become the type person I despised as a kid, blowing stupid amounts of money on lame crap?
Or was I just ripped off?