Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Mariner

Ed Pitta
This winter was a Time to reflect on the life I have led.
My grandpa passed on.
He was a huge reason for who I am and always will be.
He was the one who taught me to always respect my elders. He taught me to not be afraid of the ocean. Not to back down, how to throw the perfect jab, and much more.
Life is not fair and never will be.
I never got to see him that much in my years as an adult because he lived in California and I have lived most of my life in Oregon. When I was little we spent a lot of time together. On the fishing boat, out with friends and just hanging out. He was always a fair person and always gave everyone a fair chance to be a friend.
Grandpa served in the Navy 1940-1945. He was in the battle for Midway and was serving on the USS Yorktown when she was lost. He would never talk about "The War" when I was little. The scars and the missing body parts were all from "The War". Later in life he started talking about the war a little more openly. I would listen close and not miss a word he said. I can't even imagine the hell he had to live through as a young man in that war.
I thanked him for fighting for our country and being a great grandpa more than once.
I will miss him.