Sunday, September 13, 2009


Big fast waves. Huge turns. Long down times.
It has been a crazy winter. Offshore winds and monster swell kept us on the ski a lot this winter. Sometimes we were looking at each other saying "you want it?" with pail wide eyed faces, not sure if it was such a good idea to pull into that wave. But then you get a couple big ones and you want more. I got a little to relaxed on the ski and broke a toe. It always seems in that when all is going to well something happens to ruin your day.
We are learning a lot about this sport. And there is a ton to learn. Every time we go out we learn something new about the ski, boards, gear, and each other.
It will be interesting to see the progression of tow in and step off surfing with ski's. I think just having the ski's and the gear open up a lot more breaks. The search for the empty line up and great waves can be found on the ski.

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