Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here Goes!!

It's that time of year again. It happens about twice a year every year. For people who surf every season, all season, Its kind of funny and a pain in the ass. Mid spring all the people who snow board and only snow board in the winter, show back up on the beaches looking all hard core and shooting  dirty looks at ya, pissed you made the wave they were trying to cut you off on. Following you around when they see you heading for a new peak. "lots of fun". But at least these guys can surf. They know how to paddle ,duck dive and get the hell out of the way when things get big.
Then there is the crew that shows up at the end of summer. They keep on hearing about how good it is getting from there friends. They surf maybe a month a year, and all they have down is the stank eye. Hanging out way on the inside, not looking at what any one else doing. Getting pissed off cause they can't catch a wave. I never really hear any yelling between surfers until these guy's show up. I love surfing the waves this time of year but I hate dealing with these guys, and I hate seeing my friends having to deal with these guys. 
It's kind of like oil and vinegar.
You have the smooth aged graceful surfers mixed with the sour made yesterday hacks.
Well winter is upon us and the lineup will empty soon enough. 

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