Friday, October 3, 2008

What Is Up With Our Sharks?

My friend sent this picture to me from a wednesday dive trip at haystack. It was washed up on the beach when they came in from there dive. Trying to help it live they helped it back into the water. They did not think it would make it. On the same day another shark was found on a different beach that washed up. 
Here is what the AP network said.

SEASIDE, Ore. (AP) -- A shark that washed up on an Oregon beach was covered with unknown parasites.

Seaside Aquarium officials say the 4-foot salmon shark that washed up in the Cannon Beach area Wednesday was covered with a dense layer of parasites in an unusual way.

Aquarium manager Keith Chandler said staff members could not identify the type of parasite and have begun seeking opinions from other marine experts around the Northwest.

It was the fourth salmon shark found by the Seaside Aquarium in the last six weeks. They have been showing up in the fall and late summer months in recent years, with increasing frequency.


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Gaz said...

I found one last year and sent it back out through the pack of surfers, they were not all amused either....... just a cute little salmon shark.