Friday, September 5, 2008

Damn Little Old Lady

Growing up playing and working on my dads fishing boat we saw lots of sharks. We did a lot of free diving for abalone as well, and saw sharks. 
Surfing, never see sharks. 
I haven't had that "what the hell was that" feeling in quite some time.  
Saturday. Dressed in my wetty heading for a great session see a little old lady coming off the beach with a few shells in hand. 
Me- "How you doing this morning?"
Little ol Lady- "Oh fine, beautiful day"
Me-" Yep should be a nice week"
Little ol Lady-" You know I saw a big shark yesterday"
Me-"What- where?"
Little ol Lady-"Oh just down the beach there. It washed up and we were trying to get it back in the water."  
Me-"So did it swim off ?"
Little ol lady-"Yep it swam off. I think it will live"
Me-"OK well you have a nice day"
That shark could have been a hundred miles away and I don't think I would have stopped looking for it!

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