Monday, September 22, 2008

For Show Or Go?

It seems as though a "new" trend has snuck up on us once again. I keep seeing all these new boards from new art style shaper's showing up on the the beaches. I know they cost a lot and they sure look nice but the one thing I don't get is all the art on them.  The boards cost a ton as it is and they take forever to get. Then you pay a ton more to put Art on it? The boards are hand shaped and flawless. They look like something that should be in a art show down town. Not something that is going to be shoved in the back of my truck with three or four other boards, dog, camping gear, spare tire, skate board, ect. Then put the thing in the water and watch every one put the bulls eye on it.
 I bought this Bing because I wanted a Bonzer set up, and I hate to pack it around. When I put the first scratch in it I was pissed. When I ordered the board I asked if I could just get it in all white and they said it would take two months. So now I have this board that every time it gets a scratch in it I get pissed. But that's OK. Cause when it's going  down the line I don't give a crap what it looks like. The art is in the shape, fin set up, fin design. No drawings.

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Flying said...

you are right about that, even though tinted resins are really beautiful.
We are actually thinking about getting back to white next year at the shop, colors would come with custom orders.
As a matter of fact it also lowers da costs so ...