Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Hope Is?

Seeing this guy throw down and get his surf on really made a impression on me. It's not "sit buy the pool" mentality I am looking for in a guy I want to trust with the free world. It is the guy who knows the value of a pair of board shorts and a good beach break that I can get behind. Yeah, that and a ton of new policy. I have always been a Lefty, not a Liberal. Just a Lefty; lets make that clear. Seeing my favorite hunting spots cut down year after year when I was a kid made me a Lefty. Well that and Reganomics. We almost all went hungry on the Oregon coast during that guys stint in office. Don't get me wrong, politician's scare the hell out of me. It seems that you never find out the truth about a guy until they're in office. Well we shall see how it goes.


Flying said...

well for the few posts you have, I like it a lot. I just added you to my own links on
if you want to do the same, fine by me :)
aloha from spain,

Flying said...

ps : are you sure the pic of obama is not a fake ??

Blown Off Shore said...

Yeah i checked a lot of web photos on this one and they were all convinced this was the real deal. He went to the big island to visit the spot he spread his mothers ashes and did some body surfing while he was there. Kind of cool.